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Doesn't Have to be

 So Scary!

Brave Mykayla 

Pediatric Cannabis Advocate


A brave Young girl with a unique & inspiring path through childhood leukemia 

Mykayla was Diagnosed in 2012 with a particularly rare & aggressive form of Childhood Leukemia

Alternative Treatment

When the standardized treatments failed her, we chose an alternate path 

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Cannabis Oil 101

A basic overview on Producing a Full Extract Cannabis oil high in THC. 

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Cannabis Therapy Does Not Have To Be A Last Resort

Cannabis Therapy should be a starting point

Mykayla's Story has circled the globe, creating a new wind of home for pediatric patients everywhere. 

personal opinions concerning Natural and Organic alternative lifestyle living; Medicinal, nutritional and recreational Cannabis and 420-friendly Parenting

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We feel that any critically ill child deserves to have a quality of life equal to their peers or as close to it as possible. Children with Cancer, epilepsy, mitochondrial diseases; Autistic children and many other conditions deserve the chance to feel the whole body benefits of Cannabis. If someone can accept giving their child dangerous pharmaceutical medications every single day; medicine that has many unwanted side effects and addictive properties, then why is it not just as acceptable to start with Cannabis before progressing on to the harsher medicine? Why should this medicine not be available to a child? I have yet to hear a reasonable answer as to why it shouldn’t.

Cannabis Oil 101